You might not think there is much to see along Norfolk Road/Rt. 44 in Northwest Connecticut, and you'd be mostly right. One thing that I see that brings a smile to my face every time I pass by is the huge face of a pug painted on the outside of a local business in East Canaan.

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Mrs. Large couldn't wait for me to see the exterior of Pooch Palace Resort, it's a pet boarding/daycare/grooming facility located at 332 Norfolk Rd. The first time we drove by was disappointing because it was at night, I could only see the pug's brow from the street. Mrs. Large stopped and took a few photos over the weekend, it was beautiful out, and if you've been wondering what it looks like in the daytime in all it's glory, here you go.

A Closer Look at the Cutest Mural Along Rt. 44 in Connecticut

If you travel along Rt. 44 in East Canaan, Connecticut, a local business is covered by a beautiful work of art that makes me smile every time I pass by. Have a look at the exterior of the Pooch Palace Resort dog lovers, I'm sure you'll smile too.

Gallery Credit: Mrs. Large

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