Pine Island, one of Candlewood Lake's larger islands, lies between Candlewood Shores in Brookfield and Candlewood Isle in New Fairfield.

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The island has always been mysterious to me because you see a few dilapidated boat docks when you cruise by. There appear to be campsites with personal belongings strewn around like a natural disaster is brewing on the island and everyone had to run for cover. I'm talking rusty beach chairs, a worn-out sneaker, or a blowup water raft from 1992.

On Friday evening, June 17, Mindy and I, along with some friends, boarded the pontoon and headed out to catch the sunset complete with snacks and beverages. Our first stop was a slow trip around Pine Island where I began snapping photos as we floated by. I invite you to take a look at my photo gallery along with a brief history of the island.

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