I was invited to take a tour of Connecticut's brand-new crown jewel, the incredible Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport yesterday, and man are you in for a treat when you go there.

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First off, parking is free and there's plenty of it. Huge lots surround the venue and at 5,700 seats, there are plenty of spaces. As you approach the building, you're greeted by the Guitar Guy that used to hang on the side of the New Haven Coliseum, it's such a cool tribute. Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater is the definition of open and breezy. The incredible umbrella-style retractable roof covers everything inside the arena, so if it's nice out, you'll have nothing but open sky above and if it's drizzly, you're covered.

The tour was given by the Amphitheater's owner, Howard Saffan, and Jim Koplik, the man who has brought the biggest concerts to us over the past 50 years. Around 60 members of Connecticut's media landscape took the tour with me and it was great to see my friends Mike Lapitino, Bozzi, Storm N. Norman, Chaz & AJ, Drew, Steve and Stew, Rachel Lutzker, and Damon & Cory!

Ladies, you are going to love the Amphitheater, why? There is a 3 to 1 ratio of Women's restrooms to Men's restrooms. 3 to 1. I highly doubt there will ever be a restroom line at the venue.

The food and beverage options are great. They highlighted all Connecticut businesses in it: Little Pub, Pepe's Pizza, Hoodoo Brown BBQ, Crispy Melty by Caseus, Two Roads, Deyulio Sausage, Hummel Hot Dogs, Shaves Rolls, Micalizzi Ices, Tasty Yolk, and Donut Crazy. There are points of sale throughout the entire Amphitheater. You're only a few steps from refreshments anywhere in the building.

Now on with the tour:

A Walkthrough Of Connecticut's New Premiere Concert Venue

I got a behind the scenes tour of the beautiful new Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport. Come with me

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