What's in a name? If you are a pro-athlete in America; a lot. Whether you're a Boof, Ha-Ha or a Dick, weird names have made some successful players more memorable and made very forgettable guys names hang around. These are 9 of the weirdest names in American pro-sports history.

9 of the Weirdest Names in Pro Sports History

For people like Dick Trickle, Dick Pole, Rollie Fingers and Rusty Kuntz, they didn't have a choice, theirs would be a rough road no matter what. The guys that choose to adopt their nickname, like "Ha-Ha of Boof", are asking for trouble.

People who have nicknames rarely have control over it and they are often not super awesome. Basically, if you meet a guy and he tells you his nickname is "Ace," he's a bald faced liar.

Years ago, I encountered one of these situations, I worked with someone  that I did not like at all. After working together for a year, he told me his nickname was "Z." He said, "call me Z, a lot people call me Z." While his last name started with the letter Z, I'd never  heard anyone call him that. He obviously gave himself a nickname and I did not like him to begin with so I replied, "no, I'm not going to call you that."

I'm not sure why I told you that story, I guess I hope he reads this and knows I never forgot how douchey he was.

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