Danbury is a Fairfield County, Connecticut city. It's located in Western,CT and rests on the New York State line.

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Danbury is home to roughly 88,000 people of many different backgrounds. Each year, the city ranks near the top of the most diverse in the country. This is my home and I love it to pieces. This is a place where you get a small taste of the city life with a huge chunk of country. A place where you can eat Dominican food on Monday, German food on Tuesday, try Vietnamese dishes on Wednesday.

Danbury is also a place of rich and exciting history. However, when the history of Danbury is discussed, it's usually boils down to one thing, hats. Danbury is called "The Hat City" because we were the biggest producer of hats in the whole world at one time. While I respect this truth, it's typically all we get credit for. Danbury is so much more than hats, Danbury has many stories to tell and many of them happened in the same place, Main Street.

8 Main Street Danbury Facts So Unbelievable, They Have to be True

Danbury: "The Hat City"

At one time. Danbury was known as the hat making center of the universe. The hat making industry is what this town was built on but frankly, I'm tired of talking about hats. We are so much more than that. Danbury has a lot of intriguing true stories and many of them originated in the same place, Main Street. Main Street Danbury holds truths so unbelievable, you kind of have to. How can one 2-mile stretch of road, hold so many stories? I just does. 

P.S. Research materials were gathered from a variety of sources none more valuable than Mike Allen. Mike is a former News Director for I-95, the featured guest for I-95's The Place You Live and the current host of Amazing Tales on and Off Connecticut's Beaten Path. Other sources include Brigid Guertin, "Images of America: Danbury" written by the Danbury Museum & Historical Society, the Historical Marker Database, Find a Grave website, and John Arizzi.

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Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury

If you've lived here your whole life you probably know most of these places but I am willing to bet even the most grizzled Danbury vet will see something, they have never seen before. Some are wonderful, some historic and others are just places where trash gets thrown, these are some of the Rarely Seen Corners of Danbury.

10 Danbury Murals Perfect for Taking a Selfie in Front Of

These are some of the many murals in Danbury that are great to take a selfie in front of. 

10 Things You Never Say to Someone From Danbury

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do, that is the famous saying. When in Danbury, don't say these things, that is not famous yet but I am working on it.

7 Danbury Roads to Avoid if You're in a Rush

The truth is, there are few roads that you can travel in Danbury when you're in a rush. If you find yourself rushing, you'll end up being late. Here are 7 Danbury Roads to Avoid if You're in a Rush. 

Warning: this list will leave you feeling hopeless.

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