Over the last decade, October 29 has been a pretty bad weather day around these parts.

If you think back to October 29, 2011, we had a rare freak pre-Halloween snow storm that dumped heavy, wet snow on the state, causing trees to snap and knock down power lines, keeping us in the dark for days and in some cases, even weeks.

Then, there was October 29th, 2012, when we all felt the wrath of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy.

Here's one of the first reports of what was to come, reported on October 25th, four days before the storm actually hit our area:

Hurricane Sandy brought unprecedented destruction to the tri-state area, including the Connecticut coastline.

Because of the storm, which caused billions in damage, many local towns and communities canceled Halloween for the second straight year. The holiday had also been canceled the year before because of the snow storm and widespread power outages.

Now when most people think about "Sandy", they probably think of the Jersey shore where the storm made landfall, but the Connecticut coastline took a beating too.

Coastal areas in Connecticut got hammered by the wind and storm serge, with debris from torn-up homes and buildings combined with wind blown sand that caused massive beach erosion. Sandy's fury was felt from Westport to New London. Over 1,000 trees came down and 5,000 citizens had to be evacuated. Believe it or not, six homes were actually washed out to sea, and many others had to be condemned because of the damage.

Here's a look at Sandy as it happened:

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