Change is difficult, for some people it's impossible, for others it is welcome.

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I personally am very capable of change but I resist at first. I am a task master, a list maker and a person who thrives with a routine. When my routine is disrupted, it's frustrating, I get angry and I let others know. But, when I take a deep breath, slow down and try and appreciate the reason for the change, I get on board and formulate a new routine to roll with the change.

There are things we've become used to in our society, that I believe will not be around in 30 years, and we will miss them.

7 Things We'll Be Nostalgic for in 30 Years

I know the superficial things that I love, and what is true of all of them, is they don't stand the test of time. Basically, the more I like, the more likely it is to be phased out by new tech or a system I like far less. Blockbuster Video was one of my favorite places to go, and now we look back at it in one way, it's a distant memory. Most of the following list is things I like or love so you can bet, they'll be long gone in 20 years, and long gone in 30 years. When that time comes, we will sit around and talk about how much we miss them.

There is one change on my list, that I will miss most and that is the engines. Look, I know that electric is better for the environment and agree that's the way we should go. But, we have a deep and passionate relationship with our cars in America ,and the engine is at the center of that.

If you've ever felt, heard and experienced the roar of a powerful engine, and didn't fall in love, you are not human. The thunder of the engine can excite all your senses. I fell in love behind the wheel of my '99 Pontiac Trans Am. I miss that car everyday and I will own one again, someday.

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