I admit, I like to consider myself a "foodie." I would go out for dinner every night of the week if I had piles of extraneous cash.

Don't get me wrong, I'm down for a drippy, succulent cheeseburger with a side order of fries almost any day of the week, but every once in awhile, the wife and I like to clean up nice and make reservations at one of our favorite fine dining restaurants.

Allow me to recommend what I consider to be seven of the best fine dining establishments in our area. Some of these eateries Mindy and I have been lucky enough to dine at, and the others have outstanding reviews from various sources.

Do you have some favorites that aren't included in the list? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page.

  • 1

    Arethusa al Tavolo - Bantam

    As one Yelp reviewer put it, "This is a special place - there's no doubt about it!"

    Reviewers on yelp.com, tripadvisor.com, and in Connecticut Magazine absolutely rave about this restaurant in Bantam, CT on Rt.202, between New Milford and Litchfield. Yes, it's pricey, but my wife, who stopped in with some girlfriends for brunch, told me it was worth every penny.

  • 2

    Bernard's - Ridgefield

    Bernard's at 20 West Lane in Ridgefield is a legendary country French restaurant and has been on my restaurant bucket list for years because of one menu item — their Beef Wellington.

    This fine dining eatery is also listed in Connecticut Magazine's 2017 Best Restaurant issue as being one of the best French restaurants in the state.

  • 3

    Carole Peck's Good News Cafe - Woodbury

    The Good News Cafe in Woodbury has been our special go-to restaurant for many years. Chef, Carol Peck's menu is eclectic and creative but most of all, incredibly tasty. Service is attentive and friendly, and it's not stuffy like some other fine dining restaurants. You absolutely must try her Lobster Mac N' Cheese.

  • 4

    Rraci's Ristorante Italiano - Brewster

    Rraci's is a top of the line gourmet Italian eatery on Rt.6 in Brewster, NY. Two words - Seafood. Tower.

    Highlights from their Yelp reviews include great appetizers, awesome service, lobster ravioli, authentic Italian, Chicken Rollitini, and the Seafood Tower.

  • 5

    The Schoolhouse at Cannondale - Wilton

  • 6

    Golden Lamb Buttery - Brooklyn CT

    To be perfectly honest, The Golden Lamb Buttery is not in the greater Danbury area. In fact, it's actually two hours away in the beautiful northeast corner of Connecticut, BUT it is so unique and eclectic, it's definitely worth the long drive. Approximately two years ago I had the pleasure of DJing a wedding at The Lamb, which appears to be in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut farm country because it is.

    One Yelp reviewer summed up The Lamb perfectly:

    This is such an amazing place! It's not a dinner, it's an event. It's comfy, cozy, and romantic.

  • 8

    The Arch - Brewster NY

    The Arch, at 1292 Rt.22 in Brewster is one of the premium legendary fine dining restaurants in the tri-state area. We're talking white linen tablecloths, sommelier, first-rate service, and the food, my God the food! The food is classic French and the Beef Wellington is to-die-for. Again with the Beef Wellington.

    One Yelp reviewer summed it up perfectly when she wrote:

    The food is magnificent. The service unbeatable. The same chef and owner for 35 years!

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