I like to be prepared, and I like to be on time for things.

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My wife considers it a compulsion, but nothing good comes from racing the clock, you almost never win. Being late and being in a rush in Danbury is a particularly tough spot to find yourself in because there are few shortcuts or back roads where you can escape the traffic problem. There are way more than 7 roads you should avoid when you're in a rush, but these will have to do, for now.

7 Danbury Roads to Avoid if You're in a Rush

The truth is, there are few roads that you can travel in Danbury when you're in a rush. If you find yourself rushing, you'll end up being late. Here are 7 Danbury Roads to Avoid if You're in a Rush. 

Warning: this list will leave you feeling hopeless.

Honorable mentions:

South Street - South Street is so short, how could it cause such an issue? Try exiting Pippa's on a Friday night and then come with that noise.

Osborne Street - An unmitigated disaster, all the time.

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Hey look, it's the Governor of the great State of CT, walking our Danbury Streets. Yes, the Governor was in town yesterday to meet with Danbury residents and business owners. I was invited but not able to attend. I asked Former Danbury City Councilman and Former Mayoral candidate Roberto Alves if he'd share some photos and he agrees. Alves took it a step further and provided me with an outline of how the day went. I wanted to know why the Governor was there? Who was in attendance? Did the Gov seem accessible to our residents? Alves answered all those questions, his answers are below in quotations. 

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