Considering all 50 states, how would you rank the state of Connecticut? Each year, delivers its rankings for "Best States in America", considering thousands of data points to measure how well states perform for their citizens.

In 2021, Connecticut ranked #21 overall, with Washington State capturing the #1 spot. If those rankings were specifically based on the "charm" of each state, Connecticut would surely be in the top five.  When I moved my family to Connecticut from Rochester, NY, in 1979 to begin my first full-time radio job here, we immediately fell in love with the state.

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What struck me once we arrived and got settled was its natural beauty. Connecticut is a picture postcard for New England with its rolling hills, fall colors, and hundreds of quaint small towns. This is the reason I'm presenting this photo gallery for you titled "7 Charming Connecticut Towns You Should Visit in 2021".

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