Prison is fascinating to me and my partners on the I-95 Morning Show.

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I can't learn too much about the subject and I'm drawn to prison TV, but that is not real life. There are people who know exactly how a real prison functions from the inside. One of those people is Pat Wynne. Wynne is a long time corrections officer at Danbury FCI and a union treasurer for AFGE Local 1661.


He and fellow union member Robert Curnan come on the I-95 Morning Show periodically to update us on the union, the prison and life on both sides of the bars. We spoke to them twice so far this year and asked them a wide array of half-witted and embarrassing questions. These are some of the greatest hits of our prison questions so far this year.

Play the audio under each quote for Pat's full answer.

Forgive us, we watch too much TV, but are there blind spots in the facility where prisoners can go to and participate in funky behavior?

"It's a very old prison I'm sure there are plenty of blind spots where stuff could happen but........"

Open prison cell in Alcatraz, San Francisco. Grainy due to high iso level.

Our knowledge of the American prison system is limited to what we see on "60 Days In", the new season debuted last night, did you watch it? Have you watched the show?

"Yeah, I've seen a few episodes of it, but those generally deal with the state prisons and the jails, here it's a little different. It's not like stuff like that doesn't happen here..."

Walk south along the west facing prison fence
Tim Gray

What about escapes, have you ever had a high profile escape attempt?

"No, not in Danbury. I always like the public to know that. We're not having escapes here in Danbury, that is not happening......"

Prison Cells

What percentage of contraband in prison was in someone's ass?

"There's not really a percentage, the only way for contraband to even enter the facility is either through visiting, the mail room and the smaller instances which is the worst part is if you have dirty staff.."


What's the biggest hog you've ever seen during a strip search?

"I'd rather not comment on that kind of stuff but even these visual searches, it's not comfortable for either side but it's a necessary tool in the correctional field that....."

Handcuffed man behind prison bars. Arrested criminal male person imprisoned.

I know from experience that if I'm naked and my wife is not, it can be awkward. What if both sides got naked, prisoners', guards, everybody, would that make things any better?

"Look. My experience......"

Marina Nezhinkay

We will be having an actual adult discussion with these men in the next few weeks to update us on a variety of topics we've been tracking at FCI but for now just share this one with a friend.

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