Okay, so it's likely that none of these jobs will allow you to lie down in the parking lot while your coworkers spray keg beer down your open pie hole like the above photo shows, but still, it's always great to work in an environment where people are enjoying themselves. Especially when the job involves making some money off of one of America's favorite pastimes -- drinking!

Sure, we all have our favorite bartenders, and plenty of us know all about how being a bartender requires a serious set of skills -- speed, accuracy, consistency, a vast knowledge of cocktails, and, in some cases, you must be as psychoanalytical as Sigmund Freud -- but did you ever stop to think about what the other jobs created by this country's alcohol consumption have to offer?

With that in mind, I decided to seek out said career opportunities that are available right here in Western Connecticut. And just think, you could earn a living without leaving work after 3:00 AM smelling like a walking bottle redemption center.

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    Beverage Manager - Ridgewood Country Club

    Danbury, CT

    As one would imagine, being in charge of all the hooch and the people who serve said hooch at a country club is no small task. Also, you'd have to have a great grasp on inventory and budget goals, but I'm sure you can expect quite the Christmas gift as Head Hooch Honcho at Ridgewood.

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    Wine & Spirits Associate - Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits

    Danbury, CT

    While you'll certainly be asked to be knowledgeable when speaking with customers in person or by phone, you don't necessarily need to be a sommelier or vintner to land yourself this particular gig at Caraluzzi's Wine & Spirits.

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    Senior Account Manager - Experiential Agency

    Norwalk, CT

    This leadership role requires a lot of experience in both marketing and working with beer and liquor, but with a salary somewhere between $80,000 and $90,000, I'd be willing to bet that a worthy candidate could manage the load.

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    Trade Marketing Manager - Spiked Seltzer

    Norwalk, CT

    The description for this job opening sounds like the right candidate would have extensive opportunities to flex their marketing muscles and keep those creative juices flowing.

    By the way, have you tried that spiked seltzer stuff? It's mind boggling that it doesn't taste like alcohol.

  • 5

    Senior Media and Digital Sales Exec. - Townsquare Media

    Brookfield, CT
  • 6

    Stock Associate - NeJaime's Wine & Spirits

    New Milford, CT

    This job opening provides a great chance to gain some experience in the workforce, earn some cash, and work on that physique by pushing around all those kegs and 30-packs.

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