According to CBS Sports and many others, 53-year-old, Rafael Palmeiro, is eyeing a comeback to Major League Baseball. He's been posting video of himself in the batting cage crushing balls:

Yada, yada, yada. That's all well and good, but the cage is different than the game. The chances of him pulling this off are not great, to say the least. HOWEVER, I don't bet against older guys making comebacks at anything in life.

"Old man strength" is a thing, and if he is as thick headed as we think he is, then he may make it and be out there raking before we know it. We know that if he does make a comeback, he will be playing for the New York Metropolitan's for sure. That is a team with real vision.

My favorite Raf moment is watching Palmeiro lie, and lie hard. As a liar, I really appreciate watching another liar at the height of their game:

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