In 2022, a Wallet Hub study showed that New York is the best state for road trips in America.

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This study was published just days before my family and I left for a scheduled trip to the Watkins Glen area. The trip ended up being a huge success, we had great weather, no travel issues and we made some wonderful family memories.

When I look back at this trip, I think what I'll remember most are the many laughs we had. Some of these funny moments came right from public signs and displays, these are 5 Signs that prove New York is an outrageously funny place.

5 Signs That Prove New York is Outrageously Funny

I grew up in New York State, and I think it contributed to my sense of humor. Recently I took a trip to the Watkins Glen, NY area with my wife and children. We had a lot of laughs and some of those giggles came right from the signs we saw in the Empire State. These are five of the signs that caught our attention, and proved New York is just a funny place.

There were a lot of signs and notices that caught my eye while we were away but I was relaxing, not thinking about my surroundings in the way I normally do. Usually, everything I see is a potential story but I was not in that head space. This means, there are more signs to photograph, more stories to be told. Maybe it's time my company pay for me to travel and gather these stories that America has to offer. Just some food for thought, take a bite, unless you're full from the gas station goulash.

P.S. The Lodge at Grist Iron Brewing Company is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I've ever stayed. I am planning on doing a mini-travel guide for the vacation I just took. You should follow my advice on this but if you don't trust my word, you can trust my wife Erica's word. She is the person who planned the entire trip and she doesn't miss when it comes to her free time.

12 Signs You're a True American 'Tough Guy'

Our culture morphs and those shifts mean certain types of behavior have an expiration date. What you once thought was "cool" or "tough" may make you look like a straight up D-bag now. The problem is, when our culture pivots, not everyone gets the memo.

You could find yourself in a room with someone born in the 60's, another in the 80's, a man who was born in the 90's and another in the 2000's, they are all going to have different ideas about what makes them a man. 

What makes you a "tough guy" today? For starters, the term itself is a punch line, if someone calls you a "tough guy", they are picking on you. This list was supposed to be titled "Top Signs You're a Raging Douche" but my editor nixed that, so these are the "Top Signs You're a Real Tough Guy." 

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