Have you noticed more and more that it's nearly impossible NOT to speed around Connecticut?

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I admit it, I'm a habitual law breaker. I often find myself going 10-20 miles over the posted limit. It's not intentional. I've never done anything like the person I read about in a Facebook post from the Connecticut State Police - Troop L in Litchfield. They got snagged doing 120 MPH on Rt. 8 Northbound by Exit 43 in Harwinton. I live right off of that exit in Torrington, and damn, it's tough to not fly on that stretch of roadway.

I don't drive a vehicle with 300 horsepower, but I do ignore my speedometer and go with the flow of traffic, MPH be damned. I started thinking about where it's toughest to maintain the posted speed limit around Connecticut. Here's where I think you'll morph into the proverbial 'fish in a barrel' for law enforcement officers.

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