If you're traveling down the I-84 corridor and need something to eat, you might want to check out one of these incredible food destinations right off of the highway.

I spend lots of time driving in Connecticut and know just how miserable that ride on Route 84 can be. Whether it's the never ending construction in Waterbury or the unexplained traffic backups in Danbury, the trip can be unbearable.

Including one of these incredible food destinations to your itinerary, however, might make turn that boring road trip into something actually worth looking forward to.

Ted's Restaurant
Named one of the best burger spots in the country, Ted's unique cheeseburgers aren't grilled or fried. Instead, they're steamed in specially made metal trays. The steamed cheeseburgers are like none other. Blocks of cheddar are melted separately and then drizzled on the burger after it's done. The sandwich just melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with Ted's legendary home fries. Just take exit 27 on to Route 691 in Meriden and Ted's isn't too far away on Broad Street. There's also a newer location on Berlin Road in Cromwell, but it's a little further away from I-84.


Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe
There are actually 13 locations of this legendary sandwich shop throughout Connecticut, but the one in Waterbury actually sits right on I-84, convenient for a quick bite while on the road. Founded in 1922, Nardelli's isn't your average sandwich shop. With hot and cold creations sandwiched between fresh baked rolls, it's worth the stop for sure. Just make sure not to order a "sub" sandwich. When you're in this part of Connecticut they're called "grinders."


Blue Colony Diner
There are tons of diners easily accessible from I-84, but one of the best is right near Danbury. The Blue Colony Diner in Newtown is a favorite for many travelers looking for a quick, solid meal. All of their baked goods are also made right in the restaurant and everything is always fresh. Easily accessible, the Blue Colony is just off of exit 10 in either direction.

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Shady Glen
While not technically right off of Route 84, this unique spot is well worth the short detour through East Manchester. After traveling through Hartford just jump on exit 60 and head east on 44 to Middle Turnpike. This old school ice cream shop is famous for their fried cheeseburgers. Using a specially blended cheese, the over-sized slice melts on the burger while the corners turn into a crispy kind of "cheese chip" on the fryer. It's hard to explain (and a little intimidating the first time you see it), but a trip to the Shady Glen is something everyone should experience at least once. Wash down this unique burger with a milkshake and some fries and you'll understand why it's a local landmark..


Rein's Deli
You probably wouldn't expect to find a New York style deli this far into Connecticut, but Rein's is the real deal. Located right off of exit 65 in Vernon, Rein's Deli has everything you're looking for in a deli. Corned beef, pastrami, big fat pickles and all of your favorite sandwich items are piled high on each plate. Make sure to leave room for their homemade desserts like ruggalach, rice pudding and a cheese cake that gives Junior's a run for its money.

These are just five of the incredible food destinations you'll find off of Route 84 in Connecticut. Have you found any other hidden gems we should know about? Feel free to share your favorites below in the comments section.

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