Sad news to report today, as five goats were attacked and killed by a bear at a Connecticut farm after the bear climbed over a six foot high fence.

The attack happened at Grazin' Goats Farm in Burlington, Connecticut.

The bear was able to scale a six foot high fence and gain access to the goats enclosure. The attack was blamed for the death of five of the farms goats, one of which was a show goat.

The family of Grazin' Goats Farm took to social media and posted about their loss:

According to the post, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, who confirmed the attack, has gotten involved in the investigation and is working to trap the bear. A spokesperson for the department talked about the bear attack to

The bear was doing what bears do, and the goat attack is not an indication this bear is a danger to people.

Bear attacking livestock is nothing new in Connecticut. In June of 2017, a 500-pound black bear killed a donkey on a Kent farm. Also in 2017, a female black bear killed two miniature horses on a Southbury farm, and in 2018, a goat on a Prospect farm was attacked and fatally wounded by a black bear.

The Burlington town where the most recent bear attack took place has one of the highest number of bear sightings in the state.

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