The guy in the picture above is drinking WHILE driving. That is something you'd not want to do, if you desire a clean driving record in Connecticut.

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Recently, I was arguing with a friend, explaining that my driving record is clean as a whistle. They were saying there was no way that was possible. In an effort to win the argument, I did some research and found I do have a clean record.

First, we needed to identify what a clean driving record means. According to Delaney Simchuck, a car insurance writer, a clean driving record is "one without any accidents, points or moving violations."

Delaney expanded, telling Wallet Hub the 5 main characteristics of a Clean Driving Record:

  • 3-5 years without any points assigned to your license
  • 3-5 years without any accidents
  • 2 years without any traffic tickets or moving violations
  • 10+ years without any major violations such as DUIs or hit-and-runs
  • 7 years without filing any insurance claims (not always included in the definition of a clean record)

I've got all of that down, so I should pay about $4 a month in car insurance, right? I wish, but that is not the case. The more I think about it, the more upset I get. I've not had a ticket since the early 2000's and have not had a car accident since high school (late 90's), this is absurd, I should be getting money.

Here are some things you don't want to do, if you want a clean driving record:

Drink & Drive

Drinking and Driving
Paul Vasarhelyi

That should not have to be repeated but every year we get a reminder that it does.

Do Makeup 

Dangerous Driving
Paul Vasarhelyi

There is not enough makeup in the world to make a corpse look alive. Put it down ladies.

Be Super Old


This is an unfair stereotype, if you're a super old person who drives well. For the rest of us, it's true because about 80% of the SUPER old people, we've encountered on the road, have nearly killed us with their vehicles.


Rude black woman driver arguing and driving car

Let me tell you from experience, eye-popping rage is not the way to drive. If you survive the ride home, you need to win the fight. It's not worth it.

Talk to Babies 

Mother driving a car, having her little baby girl in a child seat

As a person who has had several babies, let me tell you, they are distracting. If you're going to be safe out on the road, you basically have to ignore whatever your baby says when you're driving.


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Living here can be brutal but the horizon is coated in sunlight. For many of us, Candlewood Lake is why we live here. It is center stage for our personal entertainment and relaxation. Right about now, we need a reminder of why we live here and what is to come for our spring and summer.

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