The Southbury Police Department has just announced that 4 establishments in town have been found to be in non-compliance concerning state laws prohibiting the sales of e-cigarettes and tobacco products to youths under the age of 21.

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According to the Southbury Police, earlier today (1/12/22) Officers Ezzo and Houle of the Southbury PD, with help from the State of Connecticut, CT DMHAS (Department of mental Health and Addiction Services), and TPEP (Tobacco Prevention and Enforcement program), conducted unannounced inspections of establishments that sell tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

17 unannounced inspections were conducted around town, and 4 establishments were found to be in non-compliance. The offending clerk at each was given an infraction of $300.

4 Southbury Retailers Busted For Underage Tobacco Sales

Out of a total of 17 unannounced inspections, 4 retailers in Southbury were fined for Non-Compliance for underage tobacco/e-cigarettes to youths under the age of 21,

13 retailers were compliant, they are

  • Casper's Wine & Spirits
  • D&D Wine Shop, LLC
  • KM Smoke Shop
  • Lake Wine & Spirits
  • Main Street Convenience
  • Main Street Deli
  • Mobil/Southbury Convenience (Exit 14)
  • Old Country Store Deli
  • Patty's Pantry
  • Shell
  • Southbury Package Store
  • Southford Store & Deli
  • Warehouse Wine & Liquor

State law requires tobacco & e-cigarette retailers to check the photo ID of anyone who appears to be under 30 years of age before selling them a tobacco or e-cigarette product.

Gone are the days for the underage to purchase vape juice or cigarettes along Southford Road, I wouldn't swallow a $300 fine for anyone, sorry kid.

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