We’ve all seen the heartbreaking news stories where a home is investigated for having an obscene number of pets kept in squalid conditions where a bevy of pets are rescued and sometimes sadly we hear differently.  We all know that one neighbor who has a dog that barks incessantly and we aren’t quite sure whether the pup is generally just yippy or if the dog is really unhappy about something.

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It goes without saying that one should exercise common sense in regard to basic human and canine safety when making the decision to bring a four-legged fur baby into your family. But sometimes, we don’t think about whether something could actually be a law we need to be abiding by.  This article details some of the most popular questions people have about dogs and what the law in Connecticut is pertaining to these situations.

How many dogs can I own?

According to getJerry.com, ...


Which dog breeds are illegal to own in CT?

Lucky for you, there are no dog breeds outlawed in the state of CT!  Back in 2013 (noted in The Bulletin),

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed a bill that prohibits Connecticut towns and cities from passing breed-specific ordinances. That is, they can't ban or single out any particular breed, such as pit bulls, by requiring that their owners buy liability insurance or keep them in an enclosure or leashed and muzzled.

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Is excessive dog barking punishable by law?

According to Law Server, the Connecticut General Statutes Section 22-363 Nuisance an initial violation shall be considered an infraction and can be as serious as a class D misdemeanor for each subsequent offense. Specifically stated:

No person shall own or harbor a dog or dogs which is or are a nuisance by reason of vicious disposition or excessive barking or other disturbance, or, by such barking or other disturbance, is or are a source of annoyance to any sick person residing in the immediate vicinity. Violation of any provision of this section shall be an infraction for the first offense and a class D misdemeanor for each subsequent offense and the court or judge may make such order concerning the restraint or disposal of such dog or dogs as may be deemed necessary.

Charles C. Collingwood on Unsplash
Charles C. Collingwood on Unsplash

Does my dog need to be leashed in CT?

According to CGA the general statutes do not mandate that dogs be on leashes at all times. But (1) a dog's owner or keeper must not allow it to roam on another person's land or on a public highway, including sidewalks, if it is not under his control and (2) local governments may create leash ordinances. Violating the state roaming law is an infraction punishable by a fine of $92 (CGS § 22-364). Additionally, the Environmental Protection Department requires that owners keep their dogs leashed in state parks.

FLOUFFY on Unsplash
FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Thanks for hanging out with me and say "hi" to your dog for me!

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