Everyone is an expert when the stat sheet is blank. With that in mind here is my butt load of genius preseason predictions for the 2018 MLB season in our local area.

Yankees - 

  • Yankees will go 162 - 0. Haha, I say that every year. In all seriousness, though, this team will win 99 games. For the record, I predicted this before I learned that Sports Illustrated had the very same preseason prediction. Once I learned they HAD the very same prediction I wanted to change mine. This is the same publication that has picked the Nationals to win it all three times in the last six years.
  • Five Yankees will hit 30 or more HRs — Judge, Stanton, Sanchez, Didi, and Bird. Again, I made this prediction about a week ago on the Ethan and Lou Show before Greg Bird got hurt. I should have known he'd stub his toe, and not even be able to start the season. He will be back by late May, and if he manages to go the rest of the season without another extended trip to the DL, I think this can still happen.
  • Aaron Judge ends up on 15 Day DL three times. Tall guys, I don't know about tall guys. They often end up with a lot of health issues. I hope this is not the case but even if it is, Judge will be a major contributor to the team.
  • Sanchez hits 50 plus HR's Stanton hits in the 40's, Judge in the 30's. These are guesses guys but if I am right people will love me. I'll get nationwide love and respect. I'll end up poolside postseason having exotic women massage my back.

Mets - 

  • David Wright comeback attempt, again goes nowhere. That was a waste of key strokes, I know. I feel for the guy.
  • Matt Harvey wins 15 games. If you are going to make predictions you have to take chances. This is a shot in the dark, a Hail Mary pass, likely it will fall incomplete.
  • Yoenis Cespees rides into Citi Field on a horse smoking Camel non filters. Why not? The Mets have done goofier promotions and gimmicks over the years.
  • Steven Matz is injured most of the year. Again, wasted words.
  • Todd Frazier has a huge impact on Mets clubhouse. Stands to reason. The guy is likable, fun and well respected.
  • Mets make playoffs as a Wild Card. They make it through Wild Card Round. They are eliminated in NLDS. Again, I made this predciction before the new S.I. came out. I'm starting to think someone at that magazine listens to the Ethan and Lou show.
  • Dominic Smith eats his weight in Jersey Mike's Sub sandwiches. That's a fat joke.
  • Travis Darneu hits for a .178 average. I don't even respect the guy enough to look up how to spell his name correctly.
  • Noah Syndergaard and Jacob Degrom combine for 36 wins. That's goofy town. The more I think about it, this is the most bold prediction I have made here. 20 game winners are super rare these days. You need one of these guys to be at 20 or close for this one to happen.

Red Sox - 

  • Andrew Benintendi hits 40 HR
  • David Price has a bounce back year. They need him to. If not, in my opinion he owes the people of Boston and New England a lot of money.
  • J.D. Martinez tests positive for performance enhancing drugs. This one is just for fun to piss off you Sox fans. If it happens, I will laugh and laugh and laugh.

If you think I am crazy lemme know all about it. Before that, check out these hype videos.

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