It’s been more than 24 years since a 9 month-old baby disappeared in the state of Arizona and that baby, now a grown woman, has surfaced in Connecticut

According to MSN NewsAleacia Stancil was born in Arizona to a mother who battled addiction following her work in the military with the Air Force. Her addiction was so bad, that she even resorted to being a sex worker. The drug-addicted mother, Toni Stancil, gave her baby Aleacia to a friend to watch needing a break from things. Upon Toni’s return, her baby Aleacia was taken.

Baby Aleacia ended up in police custody after several different people were watching and she went from home to home. Around the same time her mother Toni, ended up in jail. But Aleacia Stancil hadn’t been reported missing for about another year after that. Child Protective Services was caring for Aleacia, and no one ever figured out that Toni and Aleacia were mother and daughter. Then, Aleacia’s mother was murdered.

Once a DNA profile was established in 2008 for the baby reported missing in 1995, pictures of her showing age progression were circulated. Then, in 2014, as a grown woman while being treated in a Connecticut hospital, a curious nurse was helping her search for family medical history information. The nurse matched her to the missing persons information. A DNA test was done, and it turns out that she is indeed, baby Aleacia! She was adopted, she goes by a different name now, and is opting to keep many of the details of her story private.

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