People think life is about the things you do, but my experience has taught me that a lot of surviving in this world is about what you don't do. All of my problems in life could have been avoided if I had chosen to do nothing.

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Choosing to be still and quiet can save relationships, jobs, and even lives. I feel I have come up with a comprehensive list of things no one should ever do after being stopped by the police in Connecticut.

10 Things You Never Do During a Connecticut Traffic Stop

I was reading an article recently that had this theme, and it was so generic. Frankly, a lot of it was information most of us have already heard before. I like to dig a bit deeper, find another layer, and crack into some advice you probably won't get anywhere else. "10 Things You Never Do During a Connecticut Traffic Stop."

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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  • Don't say, "you got any rolling papers?"
  • Don't ask them "where is the best place to hide a body?"
  • Don't bring up their pension, they get all touchy about that like it's some big secret.
  • Don't ask about the haircut. They 100% know they all have the same exact hairdo and they don't seem to be shaken by that. They love this haircut, no group of humans is more interested in head uniformity than police.
  • Don't challenge them to a spelling bee, I did that once...once.
  • Don't bother trying to read their handwriting. Doctors get a bad rap for their handwriting but these guys put them to shame. I'm convinced they are not writing English on those tickets, that is some form of Wingdings.
  • Don't ask to use their radio, don't ask to play with the siren, don't ask if you can touch their belt, don't ask if you can "just see" their gun, I've tried it all and they don't go for it.

It's funny how life works. I spent most of my childhood running from the police and now I'm friends with a bunch of them.

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