Some Connecticut teens have found themselves in an extremely messy situation after police say an organized food fight spun completely out of control, causing injuries to a police officer and a teacher.

According to a press release from the Stamford Police Department, things began to get wild at Westhill High School on Roxbury Rd. at about 1:30 PM this past Friday, April 12. Apparently, a "food fight," that police say was previously discussed by students via social media, broke out, resulting in hundreds of student running out of the school. Many of the students reportedly began throwing food items, including eggs, water bottles and soda cans.

As the chaos began to grow and school security worked with Westhill's two assigned police resource officers in an attempt to get the matter under control, police say one of the officers was hit with a can of soda, which resulted in a laceration to the head and a concussion. The school resource officer was transported to Stamford Hospital for treatment.

Aside from the police officer, one of the school's faculty members was injured after being allegedly trampled by what police describe as a "mass of students."

After painstakingly reviewing footage of the incident, the Stamford PD identified and arrested 10 juveniles. The students face charges that range from riot in the first degree and assault on a police officer, to breach of peace and reckless endangerment. They are all scheduled to appear in juvenile court.

In a public statement, the Stamford Police Deparment had this to say:

We urge all parents to monitor their children’s social media. We ask all students if they see something on social media that concerns them to report it to the school administration and/or the police department. We all want our children to enjoy a safe and secure learning environment. We all have a responsibility to this end. The Stamford Police Department will be meeting with the school administration to discuss how to better avoid such circumstances in the future.

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