Do you ever find yourself searching online looking for houses you wish you can purchase one day? Every time I see these gorgeous houses, I found myself saying "maybe one day".

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As I was doing a browse through, I came across this stunning house located in Weston, and my first thought was "this looks exactly like something that would be in a movie". I was obsessed with all of the glass windows, the inground pool that overlooks the area , and how you literally can hangout on your rooftop. I swear, this house came right out of a movie, and if not, then a movie should be filmed here.

I thought, since I got to see this stunning house, why not take you through it as well.

$1.2 Million Home for Sale in Connecticut Looks Straight Out of a Movie

Now do you agree with me? I would love to experience all seasons in this house. It's so unique. This house is a 2 bedroom 3 bathroom house and if you would like more information on it, you can visit the listing.

Now who wants to pitch in? I have a new house I want to move into.

This Bethel Home For Sale Features an Amazing Man Cave


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