Do you know this woman? She must be jones-ing big time for a slice if she's allegedly forkin' over a fake $100 bill for a large pepperoni pie.

  • The Caper Passing counterfeit money for a pizza to-go.
  • Scene of the Crime - Frank's Pizzeria in Croton Falls
  • Getaway Car - Gray 2003 Honda Accord
  • M.O. - Using fake money to purchase hot food
  • Description of Perp - Heavy set young woman with a black winter jacket and black baseball cap.

I certainly understand why this woman decided on Frank's' in Croton Falls, NY. This pizzeria scores a 4.5/5 on Many reviewers say that it's the best pizza they have ever had in their lives but Frank's Pizzeria would prefer you pay for your fresh pie with authentic U.S. currency.

If you know or have seen the individual in the photo above, please contact Andrew Campbell of SP Somers at 914-769-2600 and refer to SJS #8048240.

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