Now that Hurricane Harvey is moving out of the Gulf Region, its path is taking it straight for our area. Will Harvey be an unwelcome guest over the Labor Day Weekend?

According to Kicks 105.5 Meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin, Harvey shouldn't pose much of a problem for our area:

Whats left of Harvey shouldn't affect us, though we will get some showers on Saturday night and early Sunday, but they will be relatively light. These Tropical systems tend to fall apart quickly once they get over land. What's left of Harvey will mix with a system out of Canada that will move through Connecticut and Western New York, but don't expect much.

So as Harvey becomes a footnote in the record books, there's another tropical depression churning out in the Atlantic — Hurricane Irma. This system could wind up being a stronger hurricane than Harvey, and could set its sights on the east coast of the U.S. Jacquemin is keeping an eye on it just in case:

It's way too early to try and pinpoint where this system will wind up, but Irma formed in the same area of the Atlantic that has given us "Gloria" and other infamous Hurricane's. This one's definitely one to watch, it already has winds close to 100 miles per hour, and it looks like it will intensify. Where it winds up is anyone's guess right now. It could impact Florida, possibly head into the gulf like Harvey did, or hug the east coast and pose an issue in the Carolina's, even take that run towards New England.

National Weather Service Image
National Weather Service Image

As far as our Holiday Weekend weather is concerned, any rain associated with now tropical depression Harvey will be in the form of showers Saturday night and into early Sunday, with Monday (Labor Day) looking Sunny with highs around 75-80.

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