It was a wild weekend of hockey and drama at the Danbury Ice Arena on Friday and Saturday night. I'm told the action off the ice on Friday was the real story.

I spoke with Danbury Hat Tricks Insider Ron Rogell who broke down a near player v. fan fight, Rogell told me:

"So, Friday, Section 102 was getting into the heads of the Elmira players. One of the Elmira players tried to take his water bottle and squirt Section 102 but instead of getting the water over the glass or through the crack in the glass, he actually hit the glass and the water came back on his players.

Those players thought Section 102 was dumping beer on them. So, they actually made a complaint and said that those fans were throwing beer on them, which did not happen. Postal Joe is one of the season ticket holders who has been around since the Trasher days, actually has, now, a complaint against him with the league for throwing beer, which he never did.

One of the Elmira players, his name is Moskal is pretty much a lunatic, he's #13 and he's crazy. When they were leaving in the second period to go back into the locker room, Section 102 was taunting him. Apparently he completely snapped at that point and ran up the stairs, in his skates, on the concrete to Section 102, and tried to fight them."

The player was stopped from engaging with fans, find out how by listening to Ron's entire report below.

That's fun but what about the actual hockey?


Danbury won 8-4 on Friday.


And 4-1 on Saturday night.


The Hat Tricks are now 7-1 on the year, and a perfect 5-0 on home ice.

We will be following the Danbury Hat Tricks home hockey all season, keep checking back for news and notes.

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