If Guns 'N' Roses were a football team I'd put Kirk Hammett's quote up on the locker room wall....In really big letters.

Last week Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett talked about Guns 'N' Roses during an interview with the Los Angeles Times saying,

Unfortunately, they've turned into somewhat of a nostalgia act, which to me is kind of sad.

Interestingly enough I did a quick search through a GNR online forum called mygnrforum.com to see what the fans had to say about Hammett's quote and most of them aren't putting up a fight. They're actually feeling the same way. Here are some of the posts:

DEMI-GOD: "Sad but true."

FRONTMAN: "Kirk is just saying the reality and he has a really good point."

NEWBIE: "Well can't really argue with facts. Kirk is right and metallica are def a band to follow as far as letting the fans get what they want. Metallica's new album seems to be an instant classic for any metallica fan. Gn'r could do the same, but it's been almost since 10 years since they released any music."

Hardly fighting words from the GNR faithful but who can blame them?

To the die-hard Guns 'N' Roses fans out there I think we take Hammett's quote and put it to good use. His comment could be just what the band needs to hear.

In sports whenever an opponent makes a derogatory comment about a team in the press, the head coach will plaster that quote in big letters in the locker room for every player to see. The idea being that the players get so pissed off they'll stop at nothing to win the big game.

Seriously, it's time to go Knute Rockne on these boys. Whoever manages the band right now should send Hammet's quote to Axl, Slash and Duff. Send it by e-mail, by snail mail, by fax, hell have it Fed Exed to them if you have to. It's time to light a fire under their asses and show the rock world they're not just a nostalgia act, they still have what it takes to reclaim their title as the biggest band in the world.

Axl, Slash, Duff....The ball's in your court.

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