Can you hear me now?

I find myself saying that way too much when I’m on the road in these parts (of course hands free with my cell’s bluetooth). My biggest dead zone complaint is on Super 7 from Brookfield to Danbury.

My co-host said that Brookfield used to be much worse than it is now. Around the high school area was really bad, and you couldn’t get anything. We’re not sure what they did, to improve the situation but thankfully, it’s better now. Still, the Super 7 issue really gets to me because lots of times I’m just leaving the station and I have several calls to return.

The WORST, according to people around the office, is the Amber Room in Danbury. Nothing against the Amber Room itself, but if you’re going to a wedding there, you might as well leave your cell at home. In New York between Newburgh and Marlboro on Route 9W, you can hear every third word in a conversation.

Leave posts in the comment section below or on our Facebook page and let us know what dead cell phone zone drives you crazy! We’ll talk and on the show about this and hopefully we’ll have a good phone connection.

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