If we already have two organizations, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scout's of America, why are the Boy Scouts admitting the girls?

An article on the WTNH website answered my question, it's because of the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the highest most coveted achievement in the Boy Scouts that began back in 1911. For many years, families with girls, and even girls themselves have been setting their sites on joining the program to reach the Scout pinnacle, that of an Eagle Scout.

Another reason the Boy Scouts have opened their doors to the girls comes directly from Scout Executive/CEO of the Connecticut Rivers Council, Steven Smith:

"Parents just have limited time, and if we can provide a program for the kids where they can take their entire family, it's better for the family."

Girl Scouts of Connecticut CEO, Mary Barneby told wfsb.com:

"The Girl Scouts use time-tested methods and research-backed programs that speak to the strengths of girl leadership development."

Girl Scouts Of The USA And National Park Service Host A Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony At The Golden Gate Bridge
Getty Images for Girl Scouts of

So why change strategies now? Both programs have a purpose. For the boys, it's to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self reliance, and for the girls, those same goals apply. Why not combine the two programs and call it 'The Scouts of America?' WFSB.com is conducting a poll asking, 'Do you support having girls in the boy scouts,' where I voted 'NO.' The current results are, 83%(No) and 17%(Yes).

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