"A fantasy of mine is playing every album in a residency."

Those were the words of Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine. And with that one quote legions of Pearl Jam fans around the world immediately pulled out a notebook and made their own fantasy list.

So I ask you Pearl Jam fans, which album would you most like to see them play?

I consider myself to be pretty damn lucky to say I've seen Pearl Jam go from being one of the biggest grunge bands of the 90s to one of the greatest live bands in the history of rock and roll music. I can still remember the day I walked out into my dormitory's TV room to see my floor mates watching the band's very first video "Alive" on MTV. This was around late summer/early fall of 1991 and it was quite a drastic change from the hairbands we were used to seeing. This was no Poison, this was no Ratt, this was definitely no Warrant. Little did we know that this band would become one of the commanding musical forces in the decade ahead.

Now how we are in the year 2016, Pearl Jam has racked up 10 studio albums, nine live albums and a list of official bootleg concerts that is so long it would would make Jerry Garcia's head spin. To say they've been good to their fans over the years is an understatement.

Pearl Jam only has just over a handful of shows lined up for this summer including two at Fenway Park (August 5th & 7th). But with a new album being planned for a release of as early as 2016 it is just a matter of time before they line up another full-scale tour and McCready is already looking forward to it. His hope is that the rest of the band is too. Specifically one band member.

McCready told Rolling Stone that when the band recently performed all of 'Ten' and 'Vs" live the response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. He revealed that he and the other members of the band have already discussed the idea of more full-album performances. Ultimately, however, he said it's up to Eddie Vedder. Apparently he is warming up to the idea since just this past Tuesday night Pearl Jam performed all of their 2000 album 'Binaural' in Quebec City.

If Pearl Jam does decide to continue performing full albums live they still have some ground to cover as they have yet to play 1994's 'Vitalogy', 2002's 'Riot Act', 2009's 'Backspacer' and 2013's 'Lightning Bolt' from start to finish.

For me the choice comes down to the first three albums - 1991's 'Ten', 1993's "Vs" and 1994's 'Vitalogy'. One could easily say I put those three albums at the top of my list simply because they spawned the band's biggest singles but there is also a personal connection I have to those three. They take me back to a special time in my life. They all came out during my college years. Those albums helped me escape the fears of my future life after college. They were blasting out of so many dorm rooms and through so many bar jukeboxes that they became a part of my daily life.

But since I'm asking you to pick just one album I have to do the same so my choice is 'Ten'. There isn't a weak track on it. The huge singles "Even Flow", "Alive", "Black" and "Jeremy" are there and the deep tracks "Once", "Why Go", "Oceans", "Porch", "Garden", "Deep", and "Release" still sound amazing over 25 years later. That was one of the first CDs I owned and I played it constantly in the winter of '91 both in my dorm room and at home during winter break. To hear all of those songs played back in concert would no doubt give me the chills. I may even shed a tear!

Alright I've made my choice, now it's your turn.

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