I really need a ruling on this. My wife, Erica, and I have been arguing about whose hanger purchase was better. I bought the premium, rubber white ones that absolutely rock. Hers are the terrible see-through ones.

First off, when you drop one of hers, it shatters and makes the loudest sound imaginable -- which is great in a house where we have a 5-month-old we are trying to get to sleep. Hers also get tangled constantly and just suck in general.

If you drop one of mine, it barely makes a sound and lives to fight another day. It features a rubber strip on the bottom that holds the pants so they don't slide, and has a spinning top.

This is a no-brainer, but since I need to win at everything, I need a third party ruling on who made the better hanger purchase. My word counts for nothing at home, so maybe your vote will count for something with my wife. I'd especially appreciate the female vote — that counts for two in my house.

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