After checking out the forecast on, the Old Farmer's Almanac,, and, I am ready to predict when greater Danbury will see its first snowfall.

According to the National Weather Service, there's a 30 percent chance we will see snow showers this Friday, November 19th which is the first day of our 2021 Camping for Cans Food Drive to benefit Hillside Food Outreach at the BJ's parking lot.

The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting flurries for Danbury between November 22nd and the 28th. Unfortunately, it seems that Accuweather is unable to indicate a specific long-range forecast for greater Danbury.

Candlewood Lake - Ethan Carey
Candlewood Lake - Ethan Carey

Accuweather's long-range forecaster, Paul Pastelok, did break down what to expect across the country this season. This is what he predicts for the Northeast:

There could be “a couple of rounds of cold weather and some snow,” particularly across the interior Northeast. The chance of a plowable snow is also anticipated to start early in the season with the early waves of cold air.

The most exciting website regarding Danbury weather is which calculates the monthly averages for temperature, precipitation, snowfall, sunshine, and humidity. For example, the average amount of snowfall measured during ten years in Connecticut is 40.5 inches. The following are the average snowfall numbers for these towns/cities.

  1. Danbury - 45.3 inches
  2. Bridgeport - 28.1 inches
  3. Hartford - 40.5 inches

The following numbers are the average number of inches per month for snowfall in Danbury.

    1. November - 1.2
    2. December - 8.3
    3. January - 14
    4. February - 11.3
    5. March - 8.5
    6. April - 2.0

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