You sea that!?

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Yes, that is what it appears to be, a boat blocking a New Milford road. This picture was taken on Monday (9/26/22) by Brittany Mosimann at around 11 am. I spoke to Brittany's mom Allison who was in the car, she told me the following:

"It was about an hour ago. We got there and there was one cop on site. All traffic was re-routed and things were starting to get heavy. Went by the area to go home and it was still busy by the steel bridge. Candlewood Valley towing was just getting there as we were there in the beginning also."

I found the picture on Allison's Facebook page, with the caption:

"New Milford this morning....I feel for whoever didn't secure it properly... photo credit to my daughter Brittany Mosimann as I grabbed the "OH Jesus " handle after a quick right turn. Lol."

Juan DeGuzman commented on the Facebook posting, writing: "Hey!! As long as no one was hurt , that’s what matters most. Boats can be repaired or replaced. God Bless."

Holly Colon-Gilloti said: "Boating 101"

Terry L. McGuiness said: "It's dry docked no worries."

Bob Greco wrote: "Didn’t know they stocked trout on East St."

Steve Ercoli: "CVS is known to be a shallow area."

Holly Cohen-Newman remarked: "Wow. That’s a Monday for you!!"

Brittany managed to get another photo from a different perspective, saying: "You can see the blue car that swerved out of the way in this version of the photo."
Brittany Mossiman
Brittany Mossiman

From any angle, this looks like a bad day, a situation I could easily find myself in, and I don't even own a boat.

4 Things CT Residents Should Know if They Love to be Naked

According to World Population Review, the State of CT Defines it's clothing laws in the following way:

Public indecency (Class B misdemeanor): A person is guilty of public indecency when he performs any of the following in a public place: 1) An act of sexual intercourse as defined in subdivision (2) of section 53a-65; or (2) a lewd exposure of the body with the intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire of the person; or (3) a lewd fondling or caress of the body of another person. "Public place" means any place where the conduct may be expected to be viewed by others.

But that is boring and difficult to understand so I came up with four more things CT residents should know if they love to be naked.

The Ethan and Lou 15 Year Anniversary Party Got Ultra Wild

It was the party to end all parties, the Ethan and Lou 15 Year Anniversary party at the Golden Leaf in Brookfield, CT. The idea was simple, go somewhere with no frills, gather with friends of the show, and look back at a decade and a half of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. A lot of people showed up and we had a wonderful time, maybe too much fun.

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