It all began with Lou insisting we book a room at the Inn next door to the radio station even though I insisted we would NOT be sleeping in the same bed.

Grab your teddy bear and blankie, it's story time boys and girls. It all began on Monday morning, the calm before the storm, when we met with our boss to discuss storm preparations. Winter storm Stella was predicted to hit the Danbury area between 2 and 4am on Tuesday morning so getting in to the I-95 studios by 5am wasn't going to be the issue. To guarantee we would be alive and well to show-up for 'The Ethan and Lou Show' on Wednesday morning, hotel arrangements had to be made at the Newbury Inn, just up the road from our studios.

The Newbury Hill
The Newbury Hill

Because Lou and I are pretty much cry babies, we whined and bitched and moaned because we weren't able to go home to our wives on Tuesday afternoon. Lou, of course, whined more than I did. Around 11:30am on Tuesday morning, Stella had already dropped about 6 inches of snow in Brookfield but I insisted we take my car 50 yards down the road to the Newbury. Lou pleaded with me to leave the car because the roads were nasty ass. I insisted we drive and told Lou to f**k off and to get in the damn car!. How bad could it be? As Rod Stewart once said, 'Every Picture Tells A Story.'

After checking in to The Newbury, IN SEPARATE ROOMS, we headed back to The Golden Leaf around 7pm for a dinner of french fries and crab rangoon. The rest is pretty boring. We consumed many cocktails, made some friends, sang karaoke except when I sang 'Mustang Sally' and everyone walked outside to smoke. Rude! I hung in the bar while they sang and they were absolutely hideous! There's nothing like drunk karaoke on a Tuesday night! All in all we actually had a fine time indeed! But as only women can do, both of our wives were pissed off because we were having a good time without them. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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