I know College Football is not a huge deal in the Northeast. I love it though and I think a lot of people are missing out on a wildly entertaining product. Since it's not a huge deal in these parts, you may not know that the Alabama Crimson Tide destroys everyone they play.

I hate them, I hate their coach, they are not my kinda guys but their greatness is unquestionable. I'm starting to believe that this college team could actually beat a handful of pro teams. Here are the teams I think they could beat right now:

  • Oakland Raiders - My team, they are atrocious.
  • The San Francisco 49ers
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I am serious about this and it's why I did not stretch the list to include the Giants and Jets although I wanted to. Alabama has lost 3 games in the last 4 seasons and not one this year. It's pure dominance. What teams do you think they could beat in the NFL?



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