If I gave you one chance to guess CT's wealthiest town, would you get it right?

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If I didn't already know the answer, I would have guessed wrong. According to soexpensive.org the answer is Darien, CT. They examined median household income figures and housing prices from the census to come to this conclusion. The report goes on to state the median household income is $244 thousand dollars a year and homes have an average price of $1.7 Million.

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Instant Street View

Think about it, Connecticut ranks #13 in the nation for median household income at around $80,000 and Darien's median is three times that amount.

Here are the Top 5

1. Darien

2. Old Greenwich

3. Westport

4. Weston

5. Wilton

Darien also happens to be the smallest town on the Gold Coast so they've packed a lot of wealth into 13 square miles and just over 21,000 people. The riches appear to have their roots in education, 83% of Darien residents have a Bachelor's Degree or higher according to Suburbs101. That number dwarfs that national figure which census.gov says is just over 23%.

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While Darien's wealth is nice it's also very necessary if you want to live there because the cost is astronomical. Payscale says the cost of living in Darien is 113% higher than the national average, the housing expense is 277% higher than the national average and the median rent is over $5,000 a month.

Money, money, money, if you love the smell of it, Darien might be your place.

P.S. Darien isn't just wealthy and educated, it's also charming. Only in Your State ranked it #3 last year on their safest and most peaceful places to live in CT.

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