As we all know by now, Roseanne has been cancelled by ABC in the wake of her recent, racist tweets. We wanted to know what our listeners thought on the issue and here is what they had to say:

One of the listeners made a great point. Forget about Roseanne, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, all of them will be fine. They have been set for a long time. What about the many, many employees of the show who are out of a job today? They did not do anything wrong.

I mean think of the "gaffer." I don't know what the hell the "gaffer" does, but I know it's a TV job I have seen in the credits many times. Roseanne will continue tweeting from her mansion and will likely make rent. So let's start a movement today. Join me in defense of the out of work "gaffer" today. Hashtag it, baby!






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