All hail the Prince of Darkness...

Today is the birthday of the one and only Ozzy Osbourne. As if his legendary run as Black Sabbath front man wasn't enough, Ozzy went on to become one of the biggest solo artists in the history of the business.

Since going solo in 1980 Ozzy has released eleven studio albums, four live albums, six compilation albums, three extended plays (EPs), eight video albums and thirty-three singles. He's sold 55 million albums worldwide. Not bad for a guy who stood no chance as a solo artist after being fired by his former band right?

Below are my top five favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs. Check 'em out then get on board the crazy train and list your own top five Ozzy Osbourne songs at the bottom of this page or on our Facebook page.

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    "See You On The Other Side" (1995)

    I've read that Ozzy wrote this song about the late great comedian Sam Kinison. I, like many, thought it was about Ozzy's old friend and guitarist Randy Rhoads. Maybe it's best we don't know who Ozzy is singing about here. Maybe it's best we just make it about whoever we want it to be.

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    "No More Tears" (1991)

    From the opening menacing bass line to the elegantly dark breakdown in the middle right down to the ending loop of his "it's just a hand in the bush, in the-in the bush, in the-in the bush...." this is Ozzy Osbourne on top of his game.

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    "Miracle Man" (1988)

    Ozzy kept stride with the hairbands ruling the charts during the second half of the 80s by recording some killer anthem rockers of his own. "Miracle Man" is right at the top of that list.

    Zakk Wylde's guitar riff is hard rock perfection while Ozzy gets his revenge on the holier-than-thou televangelist Jimmy Swaggart by calling him out on his very own sins. You're busted Jimmy!

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    "Bark At The Moon" (1983)

    Google "Classic Metal" and this song should be the first thing you see. If not it's a sin!

    Yeah, so the video is cheesy but, hey, this was the early 80s. Although the video may have not stood the test of time the song most certainly has. Christmas has its "Jingle Bells", Halloween has its "Bark At The Moon"! OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "Shot In The Dark" (1986)

    I would have to say that 'Ultimate Sin' is a low point among Ozzy's solo albums but the song "Shot In The Dark" was like a beam of light shot straight down from the rock 'n' roll heavens for me. This is one of those songs I never grow tired of listening to.

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