This morning, I was reading an article about the "Best Butts on Netflix," a piece from This is how I spend my time AKA waste my time. The list included shows and movies currently available on Netflix that feature attractive naked butts.

While scrolling through, Orange is the New Black came up on the list and I lost focus. The very mention of this show actually distracted me away from naked butts and that is hard to do. I went off about how I don't like that show, because the theme song is annoying to me. Here's how it goes:

According to Wikipedia, the show's theme was written, composed and performed by a woman named Regina Spektor — no relation to Phil Spector with a "C." Regina, I'm sure, is a lovely person and objectively, I can say the musicianship, the production and her voice are great. For whatever reason, though, the song rubs me the wrong way and it is, in fact, the reason I do not watch the show. TV theme music is apparently very important to me.

This got me to thinking about and talking about my favorite television theme songs and here is the list I came up with:

1 - X-Files - Written and recorded by Mark Snow. (Mark apparently lives in our listening area, at least according to one of our listeners) Mark, call me!

This song sets the table for what you are in for, you feel it. A tale is about to be told and it will be weird, creepy, thrilling or scary. You know right away what the show is from the music.

2 - Parks & Recreation - Written by Gaby Moreno who is a Grammy winner.

This is another theme that sets you up for what is in store. This song is fun and light, exactly like the show "Parks and Recreation."

3 - House - Written and performed by Massive Attack and titled, "Teardop." This is an actual song with lyrics released by the band back in 1998. They removed the lyrics and shortened the instrumental to serve as the theme for "House."

Great tune and again for some reason just fits perfectly. It makes me think of an evil genius that heads up the diagnostics team at a hospital in Jersey.

What are your favorite TV themes?

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