Lawrence Grecco is accused of running a sex ring from his daughter’s dorm room at Sarah Lawrence College.

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Prosecutors say this took place over a ten-year period, they say Grecco engaged in physical and psychological abuse, and the women in the sex ring were working for Grecco against their will.

The trial has drawn international attention and words like “sex-cult” are being used to describe what Grecco was reportedly engaged in. Now, the story has gotten another jolt of electricity, a new level of intrigue is building around the case thanks to a mistake made by the Department of Justice.

According to the Patch, via the Daily Mail, the DOJ accidentally released a list of names in court. Prosecutors say this is Grecco’s client list. The list is said to feature some extremely rich and powerful people from New York, particularly the Hudson Valley.

According to the Independent Sentinel, these are some of the people featured on the Client List:

  • A former New York State Supreme Court judge,
  • High-profile lawyers
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Businessmen
  • An Ivy-League architecture professor
  • A hedge fund manager who has donated millions to charity and has his name on a museum building in New York
  • A Washington DC lobbyist who has worked for a foreign resistance movement
  • An international diamond dealer.
  • An executive at the Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • An account executive at Amazon

I’m out of my depth here, I have so many questions and not the faintest idea where to start. To that end, we are going to bring someone in, to help out. Tuesday (3/29/22), our legal correspondent Liz Hudak will join us on the Ethan and Lou Show to help frame this properly. I want to know how a list like this “accidentally” gets entered into evidence? I want to know how these people’s professions get leaked to the media but not their names? Liz will help us answer these questions.

Liz is partially retired but is still licensed in New York. She’s been an attorney for over 40 years, beginning her career in 1980. She was in general practice but eventually gravitated to real estate, land use and finally family law.

I messaged her Saturday morning to ask her if she’d heard about this from her retirement home in Florida, but I already had a feeling that she had. She said she had been following the story and agreed to join us on the show. Liz is one of the sharpest people I’ve ever known, a really bright and tough person who I greatly admire.

UPDATE: We spoke to Liz Hudak on Tuesday (3/29/22) and you can listen to the entire segment below in our Instagram video of the native video below it. Also, here is the link to the New York Magazine article we referenced during our interview.

P.S. They say ignorance is bliss, and there is not another cliché that is truer in my opinion. When I was a young man, I was content and happy with my head firmly planted up my own ass. I never paid attention to things like this, and the results were splendid because I did not have to experience the rage I feel now.

If this is true, if this man abused these women in the way he did, he’s truly an unredeemable scum bag. But what troubles me more is that there is a list with over a hundred names on it. A list of people who not only knew this was happening, they were a party to it (allegedly).

I hope the list comes out and I hope these people are held accountable, if they did indeed take part in this. When are we going to stop allowing people to insulate themselves from consequence because they have money?

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