Lots of rain and then steamy temperatures add up to a breeding ground for nastiness.

You know what? I might not have ever been bitten by a tick carrying Lyme Disease, or by a mosquito that carries West Nile or the Zika Virus, but I sure want to be as up to date as possible on news about outbreaks or hot spots around Connecticut.

In a story from fox61.com, West Nile Virus is once again active in Connecticut. The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station has identified infected mosquitoes that were trapped this July in Greenwich, Stratford, Westport and South Windsor. No human cases of West Nile Virus have been reported yet this year, but believe it or not, it's still early in the virus season.

There are two great resources for information available to you. One is the the Connecticut Mosquito Management Progam and the other is the CAES, both of which have links to probably more than you want to know, but should, while keeping in mind that over 100 people have contracted West Nile since it first appeared in Connecticut in 2000, causing three known deaths.

I say take every precaution you can to avoid any chance of disease and misery. From mosquitoes to poison ivy, Connecticut is a hot bed of activity. Stay safe, my friends.

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