We are lucky to say that we are able to have David Crosby on the Ethan and Lou show pretty frequently. He came on this morning in support of his brand new album Here if you listen, and in the process, I got right to it, and asked David about his recent tweet blasting Ted Nugent and his music:

Whatever you think of David, the man does not pull punches. He's also still grinding and cranking out music at 77 years of age. The exciting part is that the music is still damn good. Here's the latest:

Ethan and I have interviewed a lot of rock stars over the years. Many of them are not great interviews. David is far and away the best rock star interview and he delivers each and every time we have him.

David is playing the Capitol Theater in Portchester, NY on December 8th. You can also catch him December 1st at The Egg in Albany, NY.

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