This Waterbury restaurant is helping out federal employees during the government shutdown!

According to, Josie's Jamerican Kitchen on Scott Rd. in Waterbury is offering free meals to federal workers who are affected by the government shutdown which is coming up on its 20th day. Friday will be the first time that federal employees will not receive a paycheck. David Tross, co-owner of Josie's has spent 19 years in the Army, National Guard of Connecticut and his wife, Nikkia is a military veteran. They told WFSB what it's like to suffer through a government shutdown.

As the owners of Josie's, David and Nikkia have chosen to lessen the financial pain of the shutdown. Nikkia told WFSB,

Working with no pay, the bills can easily pile up, making it harder to provide for a family. Giving out a free meal is what we can do so why not do it right

David Tross, co-owner of Josie's
David Tross, co-owner of Josie's

David and Nikkia are inviting federal employees impacted by the shutdown to stop by and enjoy a taste of the Caribbean Islands on the house. You'll find Josie's Jamerican Kitchen at 127 Scott Rd. in Waterbury.

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