Bob, pull yourself together. The Golden State Warriors clawed their way back into the NBA Finals last night with a dramatic 106-105 victory. As dramatic as the victory was, a few sub plots managed to outshine the win. Kevin Durant suffered a really bad injury and his GM wept about it on TV.

Durant, has been out with an injury most of the playoffs. Every NBA fan in the world knew he would return at some point because Kevin Durant likes to be the hero, the tough guy. Kevin waited until his team needed him the most, and joined his team on the court last night. Kevin scored 11 points in just 12 minutes when he injured his Achilles and was forced to leave the game.

An exciting NBA Finals finish is enough to get the sports world talking the next day. A serious injury to one of the game's best players is even more of a talking point. Those should have/would have been the talking points this morning but they won't be because a "suit" from the front office decided to cry for no reason.

Warriors General Manager Bob Myers took Kevin Durant's leg injury really hard.

Men can cry, of course, we all know this. I think we've come a long way baby. I cry, I cry them tears, the tears of a clown. I try and reserve my tears for things that are worth crying over. I don't think this is a reason to cry.

Here's the real problem, if I thought for a second these were real tears, I'd back off and not say a word. I mean if Bob and Kevin were the best of friends, who had a deep emotional connection and were super concerned about one another's legs, I couldn't say one word.

I don't believe these tears, these are false tears. Your head is "FAKE NEWS" Bob. Pull yourself together Bob. You are embarrassing your family, Kevin, the Warriors organization and the NBA.



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