His name is Mattew Wurnig and he's a viral sensation on Tik-Tok for his dating habits.

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Matthew quit his job and set out to date one woman in each of the 50 states. According to the NY Post, the 25 year old is just two states away from reaching his goal. We spoke about Matthew this morning on the Ethan and Lou Show and we astonished to learn that he's racked up over 500,000 Tik-Tok followers by documenting these dates on the social media platform.

Immediately I felt compelled to cruise through Matthew's Tik-Tok @50dates50states to see if he'd been on a date with a Connecticut lady, and he had. There were two videos from the date, one was taken on a park bench, as the young lady gifted him Polish candies.

@50dates50states Brand new date episode on YouTube. Link in bio. #50Dates50States #connecticut #polish #poland #candy #dating #girls #states #fyp ♬ original sound - 50 Dates 50 States

In the second video, you can see the two went ice skating at CT's XL Center.

@xlc_pws Have you seen the Connecticut episode yet? @Matt Wurnig #50dates50states #connecticut #hartford #hartfordwolfpack #ahl ♬ ESCUBIDUBIDU - Boticario

I could not find the young ladies name but I'd love to track her down and book her on the show to find out why someone would want to do this? Is it just a fun adventure, something you'd never done before? Was this an attempt to co-op some of Matthew's internet fame or was the goal to truly find love?

Whatever the case, she has a very CT vibe about her. The outfit screams CT lady and so does the gift. Based off of the very limited time we see her on screen, I will guess she is from Greenwich or New Canaan, CT.

As for Matthew, he seems like a nice enough young guy. None of the videos I saw seemed to be anything but polite and innocent. He also insists on picking up the tab on dinners and activities, telling the Post: “I make sure that I always treat my dates and pick up the check. I was raised to believe that the man should pay for the first date."

Below you can hear the Ethan and Lou Show segment about Matthew's creative idea. This segment happened on Wednesday (9/7/22) in the 6 o'clock hour.

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