Just sayin' the world has gone crazy. Here's why this White Castle announcement has my panties in a bunch.

Every damn day we are inundated with sad stories, tragic stories, stories of murder and mayhem. Stories about the ongoing opioid crisis and the ravages of the disease known as drug addiction. With that in mind, I have to tell you that sometimes I need the seemingly mundane to just remain the same.

So, here it is. I like to eat healthy when ever I can, and that does indeed include veggie burgers on occasion. But there are fast food joints that call to my urge for the splurge of meaty burger goodness. The fun of those tiny little White Castle burgers, the late night run to find them, the excitement when they hit the local supermarket to then live in my freezer just makes me happy.

It's not like they are doing away with them, but I'm not happy about the chain trying out something new, but here it is.

White Castle is introducing a new menu item which they say is a plant-based veggie burger. The burger, manufactured by Impossible Foods, is made from potato protein, coconut oil and wheat protein. They say that is gets the "bloody" look of meat from an ingredient called heme, which you can read about at impossiblefoods.com 

At this point, it appears like back in the day when you had to seek out the illusive square goodness of a White Castle burger, the new veggie one will, for now, only be available at a few spots around New York, New Jersey, and Chicago.

I, for one, am not gonna rush to find it, but I will be happy to chow down on a handful of the original sliders. Tiny burger goodness.

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