On Monday (12/04/23) Ridgefield Police issued a Missing Person alert on the Department's Facebook page that read:

"The Ridgefield Police are actively searching for a missing person in the Bennetts Farm Trail System area. We are asking the public to stay out of the area (specifically in the trails) in order to allow emergency personnel to perform their duties. Mr. Gordon went missing yesterday afternoon after leaving his residence to walk the trails."

UPDATE: We received another press release later the same day that read in part:

"After approximately 18 hours of searching the area Mr. Gordon was located deceased. The incident was not deemed suspicious and there is no danger to the public. The press release went on to thank all the departments that assisted which included."

  • Ridgefield Police
  • Ridgefield Fire
  • Ridgefield Volunteer Fire
  • Danbury Police
  • Brookfield Police
  • Bethel Police
  • Greenwich Fire
  • Eagle 2
  • DEEP

17 Stunning Danbury Photos Along With Random Odd Facts About the City

The day I took this round of pictures (September 15 or 16th I can't remember), the light all over the city was just perfect. The sun was dancing in all the right places on the buildings, the trees and the grass. I said to hell with it, I'm publishing these photos. But what should I write in the description? I decided to pair the images with odd Danbury facts I gathered from prior articles. 

Maybe this works out, maybe not at least I can say "look at this!"

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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