I'm 44 years old.

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My body does not feel old in the slightest but my mind is easing into an old man generational outlook. The world I grew up in, and the one we live in today are completely different and I resent that on many levels.

I do think society has changed in many good ways but I get mad at little things like the soda machine at a movie theater. I went to a movie recently and it took me a minute to figure out how the soda machine worked and I got angry because there was literally nothing wrong with the old soda machines. This is an example of something that was changed just because we could change it.

I know some will say well the new machines have 50 different soda options so now you have more choices. That's ridiculous, if four or five soda choices is plenty and if you need anymore you need help not me. As a result of the many minor alterations to daily life I've become way more nostalgic than I ever thought possible.

This video is a perfect example of something that takes me back and makes me feel good. I'm not even a huge fan of the band (KISS) but this reminded me of a simpler time. Recently a Youtube user that goes by "Wonderhan's Kiss Videos" uploaded a 3-song performance by Peter Criss and Ace Frehely in Danbury back in 1995 titled: "Ace Frehley concert w/ Peter Criss on 3 songs - Danbury, CT 11/09/95"

So, if I don't like Kiss, why does this make me happy? It reminds me of a time when people used to play instruments on stage. It reminds me of a time when Danbury had nightlife. It reminds me of a time when you could go out to a club, get a little wild and not end up being Tik Tok fodder.

Look, an old man screaming at the clouds again.

The irony is not lost on me, I realize if it were not for Youtube, I'd not be seeing this bit of the past.

P.S. It doesn't say it anywhere in the video description but this had to be Tuxedo Junction.

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I saw Daryl's pictures in a different moose related thread and reached out to him. I asked him to tell me more. I wanted to know if these photos were real? Did he take the pictures? Was this in Danbury? When was this? How did he feel. An excited Daryl got back to me with the following responses. 

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